Events Marketing

What is your brands exposure rate? This is a key question you must ask of your business. At Elev8 Avenue we endeavor to expose your company’s  message to your preferred target demographic. Whether you want representation around a boardroom table or in the hustle and bustle of a metropolis- we work with what you want! We aim to expose your company’s product and service range to a new potential clientele of 625,000 people based on previous projects. Our events marketing program most excitingly is a free service. No resultant acquisition, no fee!


Customer Service

All businesses want to grow, all businesses want to make more money and therefore all businesses need new customers. Our dedicated event marketing force and branding team hold a tremendous combined experience and are expert in lead generation and new customer acquisition. We are dedicated to providing a sales growth of 35% as minimum return for our clients. Pay us for what we provide-we are that confident!


At times commercial firms can be so excited with the above idea of new custom and growth that they forget to look after their current customer and client base. We provide an outsourced face to face customer retention program that has proven to keep customers excited about staying with their service providers, regardless of industry. Often people just need to feel the TLC and see that you care and consumer confidence and loyalty sky rockets from there!


Pilot Programs

Getting integrated into the market is one of the biggest challenges for any business. Often it is a fight to establish ones brand. We offer exclusive opportunities to launch pilot marketing and events programs both regarding new products and services within our current client portfolio and also outside of that. Getting your brand or new idea into the market and penetrating the right demographics is again key to that new concepts success. We have a range of experience in different forms of marketing and are supremely confident in delivering a premium marketing solution for your brand.